Generally, Macs are dependable workhorses, but once in a while, you may encounter small problems that could be a hassle. Bringing your Apple product to a mac repair shop means expert intervention for your computer. Listed below are the common problems Mac users experience:

Start-up problems

If your Mac doesn’t boot properly and you find yourself facing a blank screen or a grey one instead of your typical set up you may want to try booting on safety mode. Once in safety mode, your Mac will boot with bare minimum capacity and will conduct a check of your disk drive and patch-up any issues in the directory that might cause your start-up to fail.

To get in safety mode, power on your Mac and then press and hold the shift button. The Apple logo should appear and afterwards the login screen. Release the shift button once Apple’s logo vanishes, and the login screen appears. Before you enter the login screen, the macOS will be running its diagnostic test on your disk drive. To get out of safety mode, power on your Mac as usual and start it without pressing any keys. 

Incompatible login 

If only a blue screen appears when you power on your Mac this may indicate that one of your start-up items such as applications that open automatically is incompatible with the Mac operating system. With a little experimentation, you can pinpoint which app has issues.

You can eliminate the login objects one by one and power up your Mac after each deletion to find out if the problem gets resolved. To do this, go to the system menu, and in users and groups, click your appellation on the left panel under the current user tab. 

Afterwards, press the login objects tab just above the window on the right. Highlight the app and then press the “-” sign beneath. This will remove the login objects list, and you can power on your Mac to check out if your start-up issue has been resolved. If it still fails, you can return to the list and delete another app. Keep on going until you hone in on the problem. You may always add items back to the list by pressing the “+” button and selecting items from your applications folder. However, bringing your computer to a mac repair shop can get issues resolved quickly and safely if this doesn’t fix your problem. 

Apps that don’t respond

There might be applications which cause a glitch in your Mac which causes it to hang. Once an application hangs, it can freeze your computer and will not allow you to do anything, even quitting out of it. At this point, your option is to enter the quit button. You may also use the quit button menu from the Mac icon on the left area or hit command option and escape. Highlight the app that is unresponsive and hit the quit button. You also have the option of selecting some applications to quit by pressing command or shift button when marking your selections.


Macs are known for their solid performance as well as their aesthetics. But after some time, you may find that your Mac is slowing down and showing signs of age. Bring your computer to a mac repair shop, and get it functioning normally in no time.

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