Mastering crisis resolution

As big challenges beget bigger accomplishments, Jan’s business decisions have been fraught with challenges. Even though his days of inception involved taking decisions that were ill-founded such as pricing his rentals at a lower market price resulting in realizing lower profits, he was quick to learn from it and make prompt amendments. Although people think that stories are shaped by people, in Jan’s life, it has been the other way around. From converting leads to sales by targeting the right consumer base, raising funds to stay afloat to inspiring talents to work with his team and motivating them to see the bigger picture; each one is a meaningful tale focusing on making Jan’s venture mean more than the sum of all the components, explaining his nascent team why the organization exists and how it meets customers’ needs.

Choices define outcomes

Even during these unprecedented times, Jan and his core team members applied their expertise to find the best property rental in each area of Miami and made sure they move ahead at full speed. Jan has been a deft craftsman to deal with moments of crisis like this that pose fundamental questions on the choices we make in life and work. Some people get stuck finding answers to these questions and then there are others like Jan who work their way through the process and end up better off.

The human element is the most important business resource

More than a perfect product, production plan, and marketing pitch; Jan feels that the right people to lead and implement those plans is integral to business success. A typical day in Jan’s life reflects his core values of running a growing business and creating value that involves a typical human factor in every business endeavor. His emphasis on regular training and development to lead an upskilled workforce capable of rapid and successful adaptation to changing conditions.

Since running a dynamic business requires a cooperative effort, Jan is a master planner in streamlining operations, defining supervisory and managerial responsibilities, redesigning jobs, and reallocating assignments, and giving paramount importance to people’s welfare.

Competence is key

In his business transformation efforts, Jan also knows how to transform himself to define the future growth of the enterprise. A fast-paced, high-growth environment gives him the much-needed kick to go the extra mile. He tries to influence and create momentum for those whose professional goals are aligned to the growth mindset of the organization and is thus always looking for talents beyond educational pedigree – who are willing to adapt and collaborate as intrapreneurs having an ingrained desire to leave a lasting impact on the organization’s future.

Mentors harvest talents

Alongside, passion and perseverance Jan ascribes his steep learning curve to many other people who contributed to it. His mentors have played a crucial role in his professional development and still continue to do so. He counsels all young professionals to choose the right mentors who can help them make better decisions, provide constructive feedback, challenge fixed mindsets, and provide great professional contacts.

Aman never stops thinking and working to reach his goals; no matter what it is he believes that putting your heart and soul into your work is the only means to make progress.

Starting single-handed, Jan is adding more resources to his workforce to become a job-provider of tomorrow. No wonder, people say entrepreneurship is not so much about doing good to themselves but much more about doing good to society.