I had the pleasure to interview Galina Antonova a model, actress, fashion editor and a creator and a host of the successful podcast  “Brains and Beauty”!

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you please tell us what brought you to this specific career path?

I decided to start a podcast because I just love connecting to my audience and I feel it allows me to express who I am on my own terms! Also, there are so many different subjects I love to learn about and share with my followers so podcast seemed like a perfect platform for it! 

Why does your podcast called “Brains and Beauty”?

Because “Brains and Beauty” is something I aspire to be and I love to invite like-minded women and men on my podcast who to me represent just that “Brains and Beauty”! 

What do you think makes your podcast stand out?

I think my Podcast stands out because I am very focused on bringing value to my listeners, something they can take away whether it’s the feeling of empowerment, motivation, useful information, anything then they can apply to improve their life!

What tips would you recommend to others who want to start a podcast?

Make sure you know why you are doing it because it will take a lot of work! It literally will feel like a part-time job at times!

Choose a topic that is dear to your heart! Something you’re passionate about and can talk for hours!

Remember that your podcast is your own brand so choose the name and logo carefully!

Quality content is the key to your success! Quality means value, make sure you deliver value to your listeners!

Invest in decent recording equipment! Probably the most important aspect of podcasting!

Can you please share 5 strategies to running a successful podcast?

Be consistent – whether it’s producing one episode a week or every other week but you need to stay on top of your podcast schedule.

Keep in mind that it can take years to build an audience so enjoy the process! 

Do your research about what your target audience wants! Make sure your show serves them! 

Always research your guest before having them on your show! Think about how you can promote them as a “thank you” for being on your show!

Where can our readers listen to your podcast and follow you on social media?

Blog- Galinaantonova

IG- @Galinaantonovala

Podcast- Podcast/brains-and-beauty

This was very inspiring, thank you so much for joining us!

Thank you for the opportunity and for listening to my podcast! 

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