The French automaker Citroën declared that their SUV, the C3 Aircross, will be available in a limited edition variant. The “Dhoni Edition,” a recently released limited edition, honors Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the renowned cricket player and brand ambassador. Ex-showroom, the Dhoni Edition C3 Aircross is priced at Rs 11.82 lakh.

With great excitement, Citroën India’s Brand Director Shishir Mishra announced the launch: “We are excited to present the special ‘Dhoni Edition’ of the C3 Aircross, available in a limited run of just 100 units. Dhoni, our brand ambassador, represents resilience, leadership, and excellence-elements that perfectly complement Citroën’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences. This unique, limited edition pays tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s extraordinary journey and presents enthusiasts with an unmatched chance to acquire a piece of automotive history. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be among the select few who get to witness this incredible partnership!

MS Dhoni, a well-known cricket player and former captain of the Indian team, was recently appointed as a brand ambassador by Citroën India. The ‘Dhoni Edition’ C3 Aircross, according to the brand, offers customers a distinctive and tempting option while reflecting Citroën’s brand philosophy and honouring India’s love of cricket.

With a number of unique equipment and design components, the Dhoni Edition C3 Aircross is only available to cricket and car enthusiasts. Every car has Dhoni decals, seat belt cushions, cushion pillows, lighted sill plates, and a front dashcam in addition to color-coordinated seat coverings.

Apart with these external enhancements, Citroën is providing exclusive Dhoni delicacies within the glove compartment. There are just 100 Dhoni Edition units available, and one of them will come with a special glove that Dhoni himself has signed. This gives the buyer a sense of surprise.

New Model Car: Citroën C3 Aircross:

The French automaker’s third offering under the C-Cubed design is the C3 Aircross. The C3 hatchback and the eC3 electric hatchback are built on the same basis as the C3 Aircross. Right now, the most costly SUV that the manufacturer offers is the C5 Aircross. The front design of the C3 Aircross is the same as that of other Citroën models.

The front of the vehicle displays the Chevron logo, which reaches the front grille. A false skid plate, fog lamps, halogen headlamps, dual LED DRLs, and more are included. It is not the SUV in the class with the most upscale appearance or equipment. Citroën provides its customers with a range of customization possibilities straight from the factory. There are two and three-row seating options available.

A 1.2-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine producing 110 horsepower and 190 Nm of peak torque powers the SUV. At first, the SUV was only available with a 6-speed manual transmission. Citroën filled a significant gap earlier this year with the introduction of a 6-speed automatic transmission. The torque produced by the automatic type is 15 Nm more than that of the manual version.

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