Danny Dhillon is from Chandigarh, and currently lives in New York. Mr Dhillon completed his graduation from Chitkara College, that too in Chandigarh. A man of multiple talents, Danny also finds time to admire the other aspects of life and has a lot of interesting hobbies like singing, acting, going to the gym to maintain his physique, creating, and so much more. He also has his own record label named Funky Fox Studios. This is known to give amazing opportunities too young and growing artists. His interested in music, According to him, has been one of the best callings of life. He realised that he really loves to make his own songs and provide for his fans who always await his work .

Danny is a very humble man and has a dream which is not usually common among such people. He wishes to open up an NGO so that he can help out the unfortunate. He is easily touched by the unlucky ones who never had enough money to gain proper education and wants to donate to them so that they could become someone after receiving an proper knowledge. Not just this, he also wants to provide for the needy who can lead better lives provided some monetary support. This is a very good cause an his motivation to do this just increased the bar for all the artists.

Danny Dhillon also has some unique interests in life. He really admired Kobe Bryant who unfortunately passed away last year. From the very beginning, Bryant has been a fantastic role model for him because of his dedication towards his work and the positive outlook. For music, Dhillon admired the Punjabi creator Satinder Satraj. He is also known for his heart touching lyrics and mesmerising music.

According to Danny, life is all about doing what you dream of. If you are thinking that this man has only made his name because of singing then you are very wrong because he has been an employee in Infosys company for nine years now and is currently serving as their team leader. Being the multi talented man that he is, Danny is also a very good vocalist, entertainer and skilled engineer. He was an engineer and wanted to become a popular artist, so instead of sulking over it he just faced the situation and worked for it. This should be the success mantra for everyone else’s life too.

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