Believe me when I tell you that being an influencer in any matter of life is not a piece of cake. Many people beyond your expectations are looking forward to you for guidance, and many of them are following your views to look upon the matter.

Few of the influencers are doing great work and impacting a positive effect on their followers’ lives. When we talk about those few influencers, we cannot ignore the personality and work of Emil Montenegro. He is a fashion blogger and a model. He began his work as a model when he won a contest named “Face of Montenegro.” Because of his good looks and born talent of being a model, he was soon photographed by many famous photographers and magazines. He was photographed in Montenegro, Milan, and Paris. Renowned photographic agencies and self-promoting platforms invited him on social media because of his good photos and looks. These shows’ performance led him to a permanent modeling job in Vivienne Westwood, Italian vogue, and a book named “Emil Intenso e Misterioso.” He started working in many commercial, international television shows, music videos, and fashion magazines in Brazil. As he always had an urge to do better and better, so he is doing some voice lessons, music classes, and acting lessons.

To do better, a person should have talent, curiosity, determination, work ethics, and discipline. They must have the determination of chasing their dreams because determination can lead one to gain talent from the various platform and mold himself according to the will of his dreams.” – Emil.

Emil wants to show people that they can do anything they want. High school students follow him, and they admire him and follow him so much. He wants to guide all those willing to learn and show them that they can do anything they want to choose the right track and ambitions.

“I try to deliver positive vibes in people’s life. Because there is already so much stress and negativity in our society, so I want positive energy to be my message.” – Emil

Emil is an international fashion model, songwriter, Instagram star, and he began recording in recent times. He has more than 300k followers on Instagram already, and he is getting sponsorships from many famous brands. He tells his followers the tips for getting started and building their own careers.

“You have to give people a reason why they should follow you. You have to give them contents and broadcast on your page and everything that our youth needs to imply on their lives in order to attain success.” – Emil.

He was born on 21st April 1989 in Montenegro. He completed his graduation from Mediterranean University, studying tourism and marketing.

“We live in a world that is changing itself very rapidly. If we do not keep up with its pace, it will cast us out, and it will be so difficult to survive.” – Emil.

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