2020 has started out roughly for many people due to the Coronavirus crisis. However, this lock-down is not going to last forever, and many people are already looking ahead to a brighter 2020. What better way to start the new year than actually looking into beauty and wellness?

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar is one of the experts in the sector, and he recently was asked about what he believes would really trend in the sector later this year. The esteemed doctor actually stated that he thinks tear-through fillers for under the eyes will become a dominating trend into 2020. For those who might not be familiar with the process, let’s go back to basics.

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar stated that this procedure is actually non-invasive and it makes for immediate results, with no downtime at all. This is one of the reasons why it has been the “secret weapon” of many celebrities, who always need to look their best without wasting time whatsoever.

Dr. Ahmed himself worked with many influential celebrities, who have enjoyed the benefits of this amazing procedure. Some names? The good doctor worked with celebrities such as Harley Brash, Joanna Kutcha, as well as Maja Malnar, among others! Combined with Dr. Ahmed’s knowledge and professionalism, this therapy is truly a dream coming true for so many people.

What makes tear-through fillers so special is that they can be implemented very quickly, and with no stress! In order to learn more about the talented and esteemed Dr Ahmed El Muntasar, you can go right to the source and follow him on Instagram, where he always shares tips, insightful content and other amazing stories related to beauty and wellness: @drahmedaesthetics

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