No one born with a silver spoon everybody sooner or later have to work hard and even more hard to make their living to fulfill their dreams life is not kind to anyone same is the story of Rachid EI Khabbachihe was born in Mauritania he opened his eye in poverty hunger everywhere since his childhood he always wanted to be a successful businessman so that he can improve the living of his family as well as can play his part in the development of society.

Life story:

Rachid always wanted to be a successful businessman; he started his career as a street fighter; he was a sportsman, in the beginning, he never gave up in his dark times; he stay motivated through thick and thin, seeing his society as well as his family battling for food and even the most essential things for the life he always wanted to give them a living that they deserve he started his business of selling and buying products he used to buy things and then sell them in high rates and then reinvest his profit in the business shares he keeps on working hard for his business and later on become a successful young self-made businessman. His hard work paid off; now, he is one of the famous businessmen with almost above 250K+ expanding devotees, which is huge.

A successful businessman:

Rachid achieves the fame success that one could wish for now; he is not just a businessman but also a style icon. A lot of renowned brands want to hire him as their brand ambassador. Netflix is also trying to make a documentary on his life to inspire many people. Because his life is a truly motivational story for anyone from a street fighter to a renowned businessman, he struggled a lot to make a beautiful life that he always wanted to live.

Charity tasks:

he always actively participates in charity tasks to help needy people. Due to his contributions towards the organizations the president of Mauritania invited him to meet, he has a tremendous influential impact on the people. They really appreciate his efforts towards the betterment of society.

He is so active on social media platforms that people can visit him and follow him there to update him. If you are one of his fan then you must visit his Instagram account for daily updates.

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