Here’s a clear sign Apple is on the right track: it introduces a feature you never knew you needed, but once it’s here, you think, “That’s brilliant!” This summarizes the forthcoming update for iPhone 16, earlier iPhone models, and Apple TV-an understated yet ingenious adjustment to the mute button. Alongside this, there’s a leak indicating more changes are coming to the Apple TV lineup.

According to MacRumors, code found on Apple’s backend suggests that Apple is developing a new home accessory to complement the HomePod and Apple TV. This new device is referenced with the identifier “HomeAccessory17,1,” hinting at a possible integration of the A18 chip, the same processor anticipated for the iPhone 16. This suggests the new device could support advanced features, possibly related to AI.

The code also mentions two unreleased Apple TV models, sparking speculation that new Apple TV devices might launch this year, potentially in September alongside the iPhone 16 series. The exciting part is the potential for a device so advanced it requires the A18 chip. There are rumors of a hybrid Apple TV with a display, which would be quite innovative.

Apple has a history of impressive innovations with Apple TV. For instance, it enhanced video playback with a unique feature: if you missed something on TV, you could ask Siri, “What did he/she/they say?” and the video would rewind 10 seconds and replay the missed part with subtitles for that segment. It’s an excellent feature if you haven’t tried it.

With the upcoming generation of software for iPhone and Apple TV-iOS 18 and tvOS 18-another significant innovation is just around the corner. This update will be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 16 series and older models back to the iPhone XS once the software is installed. At present, the software is undergoing its second phase of developer beta testing, with a public beta anticipated later this month and a full release slated for September.

So, how can the mute button be improved? It seems perfect as is, right? Apple’s ingenious update ensures that when you mute video playback on your iPhone or Apple TV remote, subtitles automatically appear onscreen. Tap the button again, and as the sound returns, the subtitles disappear. It’s a simple but brilliant enhancement.

These developments underscore Apple’s continuous drive to innovate and improve user experiences, making everyday features even more intuitive and useful.

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