Entrepreneurship is rapidly growing amongst the youth since past few years and it is becoming the dream of every student to step into entrepreneurship and this is because everyone wishes to setup their own sources of income instead of working under someone.

Internet has allowed many new businesses to emerge and made business line comparatively easier. This is the main reason new businesses are emerging rapidly. It is now possible to start a new business without a capital investments, likewise Abdullah Mehmood a Pakistani Social Media Personality was successful in establishing his online business.

Following are some question we Asked Abdullah Mehmood when he announced to pursue entrepreneurship as his major career.

1. What motivated you to shift from a media personality to a serial entrepreneur?

“Performing on social media was just my hobby, for my profession, I always aimed to be an entrepreneur and stepping into this field was just like a wish come true.”

2. Will you be posting videos from now?

“Yes I am not quitting this field, it’s just a matter of priorities, creating comedy videos and vlogs will always remain my hobby and I will be posting videos whenever I can manage time.”

3. What are your future plans?

“It’s not possible for me to share my plans in a single interview…. Haha”

4. Your followers are definitely going to miss you, any message for them?

“Well as I said before it’s a game of priorities, I have my legs stuck in many different fields and re continuing social media professionally is a part of my schedule!”

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