Cameron D. Boyd (born August 23, 2002), better known as Riçh King Wit’ A Dream, is an American actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, who’s worked with several celebrities in the film industry such as, Eddie Murphy. As of June 11, 2020, Boyd has been partnered with platinum owning artist Mr. Macnificent on a contracted partnership with label known as Macnificent Lifestyle. He rose to fame with his June 2020 single “No Love” (feat. RioDaDon) which streamed over five-hundred thousand views on several platforms across the country! That single alone was selected in World Star Hip-Hop’s Top Songs 1,000 list. The single was featured on his debut EP “Trapped In My Mind”

Boyd’s debut song “SUICIDE” gained attention first on Instagram, reaching well over one million views, his recent EP contains the single, & since the release of the audio, the single has been featured in several playlists across all platforms.

Boyd was born to an African American a woman of eight, in its Dixie Homes project homes before being taken from his mother and put into foster care, later moving to East Memphis, to attend Ridgeway High School where he joined the choir to learn the logistics of singing. Boyd began his career as a music video director shooting for Certified Platinum artists such as NLE Choppa. Boyd didn’t begin rapping with his classmates until the age of 15 and started taking music seriously at 17.

Riçh King Wit’ A Dream is noted for his “comic rapping style” and beautifully toned pitch when singing, which he notably employed on his debut single “I’m The Author” His sound has also been described as “relaxing”. NahidCse of Medium magazine stated that he would soon “disrupt the industry with his amazing talent”.

During an unspecified time, Riçh King Wit’ A Dream served time at a juvenile detention center, although he never revealed his arrest history, he confirmed that his time in detention drove him to turn his life the opposite direction.

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