Acer has declared the $109 Halo smart speaker at its October hardware function. It’s a 360-degree speaker that has the Google Assistant worked in to deal with inquiries and undertakings, and Acer says it’s one of the first smart speakers to have DTS sound. With that, it ought to be particularly fit to offer a cinematic sound.

It’s moderately simple to perceive what stands apart about this gadget; it has a RGB base that changes tone and lighting examples, and its LEDs can show the climate and different pictures.

Truly, they think the Halo resembles an oil diffuser, yet they’ll take Acer’s word that it’s really a speaker.

This gadget will release in Q1 2021. Acer hasn’t uncovered different specs or item insights regarding the Halo, yet we’ll probably hear all the more soon. At $109, it’s simply $10 more than Google’s new Nest Audio smart speaker.

We don’t have a clue how the sound quality will stack up, however on the off chance that you need a smart speaker that stands apart more outwardly, look out for the Halo.

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