Time has played an essential part in our lives over the years. There have been several ways for humans to relate to clocks for timing various jobs and occupations. Time was measured by studying patterns and length of exposure to celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and the movement of the earth. With decades of revolutionizing human development, many inventions have influenced human lives, including wristwatches. However, wristwatches are more about style and making a statement today than just sued for checking or displaying the time. When it comes to wristwatches, this small accessory on one’s wrist may reveal a lot about a person’s professional and personal behavior and relationship with others.

Collecting watches is a hobby of some people nowadays. Some watch collectors spend their money on expensive pieces, which is understandable due to the investment opportunity and style statement. It also increases their position and status as watch enthusiasts. Collectors and investors both like watches but have different objectives. Watch collectors and investors are beginning to regard watches as an alternative investment since the prices of select luxury timepieces have grown substantially in recent years. Such an investor, entrepreneur, and enthusiast is Alexandre Mourreau.

Alexandre Mourreau of Switzerland appears to be catching up with market trends and investing in the growing industry as the investment market continues to evolve. Alexandre Mourreau was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He is regularly seen and recorded driving his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and other supercars throughout the beautiful Swiss countryside. It seems that the number of watches necessary to become a collector or specialist is unimportant for Mourreau. A collection can vary from a few pricey and rare antiques or collectibles to vast and diversified groups of numerous watches. Specific watch brands and models outperformed the market in recent years mainly because of their brand recognition. Some characteristics, such as rarity and brand, are generic. However, other causes of relatively higher prices may include a model being extra-ordinarily attractive or celebrities wearing the watch.

Types of Watches

Military Watches and Aviator Watches

They are a form of a wristwatch that was initially designed for pilots to wear. Aviator watches are one of the most helpful watch styles, with several crucial features. Military watches are tactical timepieces that are mainly developed for use by members of the military and law enforcement agencies.

Timepieces for Racing and Diving

A racing watch is a sort of watch that is appropriate for a variety of races, ranging from car racing to horse racing. It is well-known for tracking speed and distance with excellent precision and accuracy. It is also a watch that Alexandre Mourreau would like and collect because of his love for supercars.

Timepieces for Luxury, Fitness, and Smart Watches

Luxury watches, like inexpensive watches, are fashion pieces that can tell the time. Their specific characteristic is the high quality of their materials and craftsmanship, as well as their typically unusual design. Alexandre Mourreau is a luxury watch collector with multiple timepieces from prominent brands like Jacob & Co. and Rolex. Wearable technologies such as smart watches link to people’s smartphones through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Most smartwatches can track movements and make phone calls without taking out the smartphone.

Fitness watches provide customers with easy-to-use technology that assists them in taking care of their health. Some fitness watches measure steps, while others track heart rate and heartbeat rhythms.

Alexandre Mourreau – Luxury Watch Collector

Mourreau has become a social media hit among luxury enthusiasts due to his prolific personality and luxury collection of watches and supercars. He makes investing recommendations on social media. He recently updated his premium product inventory by acquiring a Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Timepiece. While the movement is in action, a tourbillon continually circles the escapement, balance wheel, and balancing spring. The specific style is made to counteract the effects of gravity on the isochronal properties of the balancing wheel and spring. Jacob & Co. has built a reputation for excellence in watchmaking by inventing innovative complexities while employing traditional processes to create cutting-edge new watches.

Investing in watches offers the dual benefit of providing investment returns and enhancing personality. One of Mourreau’s primary ideas is to invest in luxury items, such as watches, cars, and more, whose market value and worth increase over time. Mourreau owns an extensive collection of expensive timepieces, which he views as a good investment. He stays active on Instagram, and his followers admire his style, collection, and luxurious lifestyle.

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