Coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses and activities. The traditional fitness industry has become more digital, as a diversified range of lockdown measures forced fitness centers to close or limit the assemblage of people.

If we focus on the online fitness industry, a wind of entrepreneurial innovation has been brought by Alice Veglio, an international model and fitness coach living in Dubai.

Alice developed a new concept of holistic fitness back in 2018 when she was amazed by the potential of digital innovation.

Nowadays, online fitness is going to become a new standard, as mentioned before. However, in 2018, many industries weren’t ready to embrace online marketing. The industry of fitness and wellness was still stuck in a traditional view. Alice wanted to become a changemaker and developed a business concept linked to the future.

Alice made her first steps in the fitness’s disruption industry by bringing the new holistic fitness format in the Italian market. So, she founded her branded program, named Bright & Fit, and attracted many customers in a little time.

Let’s briefly summarize the significant aspects of Bright & Fit:

  • Live broadcasted master classes designed to support ladies to gain precious information and training about wellness. Alice linked the video of exercises to dedicated training, exposed step-by-step. In her view, having the right information to follow a healthier life is not enough, but it’s essential to develop the right skills to maintain a good health standard for a long time. People need to know the reason some diets or exercises are appropriate than others.
  • Novel focus on feminine empowerment, to live a healthier life and develop all the inner potential. Alice teaches her subscribers that heavy training sessions and strict diets are not the solutions to gain success in their life; if we want a genuine change, we must follow a complete path where mind and body are both involved. Holistic fitness is the key to make this conception possible, as it helps us develop motivation, self-esteem, and a healthier lifestyle. The improvement of physical appearance is a mere consequence.

Alice recently released the official digital app of her Program, available online. In 2020, her startup is very well known in Italy, and it counts over 15.000 satisfied women so far.

Bright and fit is one of the few medically certified programs in the Italian market. 

Alice is going to launch dedicated e-commerce and an upgraded version of the app by the beginning of 2021. 

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you must be ready to move forward and never settle beyond the business where you operate.