It is no longer possible to generate AI images in PDFs in the future. Adobe has released a significant update for its Acrobat PDF viewer and editor. The goal of the update is to improve the AI Assistant feature, which was first released in February of this year. This AI Assistant introduced new features like summaries produced by AI and a chatbot that can respond to inquiries about long papers.

When Can I Get The AI Assistant for Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe’s AI Assistant will now be able to analyze several documents, according to a recent update.

Top Features of Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant:

Adobe is incorporating its Firefly model into Acrobat, allowing for an AI-powered picture creator inside the program, in addition to document analysis. Users are already know with this feature from Adobe’s other programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, which enables them to directly change visuals within PDFs. Features processed by Adobe’s generative AI models, which the firm claims are privacy-conscious and not meant to compromise user data, include background removal and small image modifications.

This improvement will allow users to analyze and upload several documents at once, which is different from the prior focus on analyzing individual files. Additionally, users will be able to include Word and PowerPoint documents into the AI chatbot interface, among other document kinds.

Cost of Adobe Acrobat AI Service:

With this improvement, Adobe hopes to strengthen its lead over rivals that provide comparable document analysis features, such as ChatGPT and Gemini, in the document editing market. In contrast to its rivals, Adobe is highlighting the incorporation of these AI functionalities into its current editing tool suite, pricing it at $5 per month, which is substantially less than what rivals are charging.

Adobe reaffirms its commitment to user privacy in the face of recent debates surrounding privacy issues and the use of data in AI training. The business makes it clear that user data won’t be used to train AI models, even though documents may be sent to the cloud for examination. This position seeks to assure users of Adobe’s dedication to data protection and is consistent with other privacy-focused initiatives in the IT sector.

To encourage customers to explore and embrace the improved features in Acrobat, Adobe is offering the expanded AI Assistant function for free to all users from June 18 to June 28, 2024, for a limited period of time.

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