Ashish Rathore is just 19 years of age from Bangalore but in terms of his skills, he is a versatile man. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, he got a good exposure in different fields including sports, fashion, technology and other things. His childhood went in these things till he became an adventurous and practical person. Ever since his childhood days, he had kept things clear in his mind that he has to do something really worthy and interesting about his life. 

He was always inclined towards the fashion field and thus when he was a grown up guy, he was seen pursuing his career in the fashion world. Thus while pursuing the dream in fashion, he used social media a lot that further made him a social media influencer. In the current world, one can find things really imperative. When it comes to age, it is nothing but a number. It is something that you own in order to gain success. His parents did not like his idea 

He intends to go a long way in the modelling world and is taking a step further in order to achieve success. Although his life has not been bed or roses for the reasons that he felt he would gain success. However, he did not really give up so early and picked up his journey taking up small steps and thus is moving ahead towards his dream career in the field of modelling. He intends to go a long way and this is just the start for this 19 year old young man.

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