We heard Jade Luna predict the current world state in January 2020, so we contacted him again to get his prediction when this will end. This is what Jade Luna said:

“After advanced study, I have found the alignments that create pandemics and it is pretty straightforward and could give other astrologers the capacity to predict them in the future. If we can predict when they start we can also predict when they end.

The first configuration should start with the shadow planet Ketu also known as the South Node, a planet that tropical astrology does not understand properly. Ketu is negative energy that is associated with parasites, insects, snakes, ghosts, viruses and pandemics. I find it fascinating that the cobra wears the mark of Ketu on its hood. Now let’s move this transiting planet Ketu into the star Hecate (Goddess of transition and transformation in the first asterism inside Sagittarius, known as Mula in Jyotish) and create an eclipse under her sign. This eclipse combo spreads this energy of transformation and darkness throughout the universe and should do well in getting the process started. This eclipse started the Black Plague, The Spanish Flu and took place in December of 2019. The eclipse alone isn’t strong enough to create a pandemic but it gets the fire started. All we need to do from here is to create a conjunction universally between adaptable Jupiter (the mutable-adaptable planet that rules over two mutable signs of Sagittarius and Pisces) the planet of expansion and conjoin him with the death bringer Pluto. Jupiter then expands the death energy of Pluto throughout the globe while Hecate just released a virus onto the earth through Ketu the South Node. You now have a pandemic spreading throughout the earth. We are watching this in real time right now.

So making this easy to understand, when the South Node transits through Sagittarius and Jupiter conjuncts Pluto, you can guarantee a pandemic.

So how long will this last? Both pandemics, the Black Plague and the Spanish Flu vanished when Ketu dropped into the sign Scorpio and Rahu entered Taurus. Ketu in Scorpio makes it time to tally the loss and to deal with the dark emotions stirred from the annihilation of the above said misfortune. Ketu goes into Scorpio on September 21st, 2020 and I believe that we will finish this transition yet I also believe the eclipse on June 21st 2020 could shed light on the fact that things are changing in our favor. The eclipse on June 21st is important because Hecate passes the torch to the Prometheus, the god who didn’t want humanity to suffer. Does Prometheus create an antidote or does he ingest the virus? Mind you pandemics are known to just simply disappear. So between June 21st-Summer Equinox and Fall Equinox September 21st we should see signs of a new life here on earth, yet I believe all 2020 is dealing with this mess and its aftermath. Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn entering Capricorn (January-March 2020) could also signify a permanent shift on this earth, a new normal that could allow high vibrations for our future.”



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