Atul Kishan Sharma is one of the youngest youth icons who hails from Haryana and has been an established businessman for the longest time now. Since he began with his career at a very young age when he was only 17 years old, he established his own organisation in 2015. After establishing this, he made sure to work diligently day and night in order to make this a huge success, not that he had an option, success being the only way.

Life had taken a big turn from then on and he soon started to rise as a youth icon. There are a great number of admirers on all his social media platforms because they really like his social presence and look up to him as not only a role model but also a successful businessman who has made it to the top owing to his efforts and hard work. Now, life has been kind to him and he is living a peaceful life with all the things that he has ever needed. there has been not one single decision that he has regretted. But, there was one thing missing in his life and that is a life partner who is willing to love him exceptionally and stay by him no matter what the circumstances.

Over the past few years, Atul Kishan Sharma has been the only person who has stayed by his side, being a lone Wolf and making sure that he struggles alone in silence and allowing the success to make all the noise. He is a married man now! There were obviously rumours in the past about him being engaged to a beautiful young lady named Riya. And his fans were working tooth and nails to find out whether this rumour is indeed a rumour or a fact. There was no confirmation from the side of Atul and neither was there a denial. But it was confirmed by him that he has indeed got married and now will be leading a peaceful life. All the best wishes and blessings go out to him, may this businessman prosper more and bring forth more quality work!