Entrepreneur Erick Alvarez is helping Fitness Influencers Scale 7-Figure Revenues

The world of fitness is a full-grown industry now. Erick Alvarez, CEO and founder of Big Clout Media is a living example of how fitness media empowers influencers to dream big and earn bigger.

Big Clout media is an online fitness business that partners with fitness influencers to help them build their own business and reach millions of followers. The main work is to build influence by creating their marketing strategies, building products, and even sell them. The company, through the expertise of Erick, has sold “$200k in sales for a single client from March 19 to August 8 all via Instagram DMs and without any money spent on advertising. 100% organic.” On how Big Clout Media empowers fitness influencers to scale up to 7 figures, Erick says “ We handle everything from product creation, sales, marketing, scaling, hiring, managing the team, the customer support, consulting and anything else necessary to ensure success.” Big Clout Media essentially helps start the business from scratch and helps influencers garner strong earnings, with a done-for-you business approach.Erick’s team tests and optimizes the ideal offers with audiences, automate the system and scale with the help of proven strategy.

Born in Miami, Florida, Erick is half Puerto Rican and half Eastern  European. He enrolled for his bachelors in a State University, Entrepreneurship Major,  for 2015-2018 but soon after realising his true calling he  Dropped out from  2nd semester of the third year and pursued fitness training. He then travelled to Colombia for a fitness expo, where he realised that in order to achieve big, he has to take his business to the online platform. He then forwarded into creating multiple online business brands, and just after 2 years, he is selling big. Soon after leaving the field of being a personal trainer, Erick established Big clout media, which is now helping new influencers in achieving their dreams. He is a Member of the FSU Honor Society of The NaConal Society of Collegiate Scholars. On being asked as to why he chose this career path, Erick says “ I saw an opportunity to combine my skillsets with the authority of influencers to help thousands of people become the best versions of themselves. I run the whole business side of things, while the influencer can focus on doing what they love.”

Leaving college to work for his true calling, Erick has proved that dreams can come true if you put in sincere efforts. His journey of healing and inspiring young minds is phenomenal and touching.


Model Kiara Moon on encouraging people to follow their ambition and passion

As children, we all dream of what we’d like to do and the person we’d like to be when we’re older, but all too often, life has a habit of tripping those dreams up at the first hurdle, leaving them unfulfilled and unrealized.

Kiara Moon knew from an early age that if she were to chase, capture, and live her dreams, it would take a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice on her behalf. Reality proved the 24-year-old from Anaheim, California, right. As she explained, “Nothing worth having comes easy, and I’ve had to work hard to get where I am in life, but do you know what? It’s been a long road, but I can honestly say every step has been a rewarding one.”

Moon is something of an enigma. She’s a model, but she also has a Masters Degree in Business. She’s been an auditor and an analyst, and a tireless volunteer for 12-Step programs such as AA and EDA. She has participated in countless charity walks and mentored at-risk youth on behalf of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America program. Yet she is not averse to taking significant risks herself. She once skydived from 18,000 feet in Santa Barbara and can often be found riding around her native California on fast motorbikes.

“Life to me is there for the living,” explains Moon. “It’s about having a dream and going for it no matter what anyone else thinks or says. I don’t like people who try to categorize you and put you in a box. When you’re a model, many small-minded people assume you can’t be intelligent, creative, or socially responsible. I say you can be it all.”

As a free spirit who always marched to the beat of her own drum, Moon is keen to encourage other people to find the inner strength and conviction to follow their dreams and find personal empowerment.

Moon says, “I’ve always embraced my creative side and found outlets for it to flourish, and I’ve always had a healthy willingness to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in both my personal and professional life. I think standing still and settling for things in life is a recipe for disaster. You’ve got to keep pushing and facing down your fears if you want to chase your dreams. They don’t come cheap, and they don’t come easy, but they do come, and when they do, all the hard work will be worth it. As Walt Disney once said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’”


Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt’s Coinsavr.Inc brings automation and security to crypto-currency trading

Unlike stock markets, the cryptocurrency market remains open all the time. Investors and traders who have tested these waters can be a testament to the feelings of unexpected elation or anguish when they witness a change in fortune overnight. Cryptocurrency, for a long time, has been a boon to experienced traders, whilst novices encounter setbacks as they cut through the learning curve. Thus, a sound automated and secured cryptocurrency trading system is certain to provide a natural launchpad to these traders to eliminate the risks as they acquire the strategies and principles of the trade. And that’s quite exactly what entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt’s Canadian bitcoin escrow service providing company, Coinsavr, facilitates.

The 20-year-old entrepreneur, Bhatt, established his automated and encrypted crypto escrow platform with the single-most aim of making crypto-currency trading easy to understand and use. The platform is designed in a way that every process leading to complete a transaction is automated, with minimal or no human intervention, without anyone stepping in, so as to keep the arrangement intact between the involved parties. Not only that, their intuitive layout helps the users get started instantly with their first transaction. Coinsavr comes with a range of features that not only make the transactions safe and secured but also help build trust amongst the online community. 

With perquisites like 100% encryption, time frame system, fully-featured bitcoin wallet, secure escrow system, feedback system, and a dispute system, Coinsavr has managed to stand out in the industry like no other. When asked what drove Bhatt to develop and launch a company like this, he said, “From a young age, I have always enjoyed learning about and checking out new technologies as they got introduced. This also often made me wonder how certain technologies were built, and evidently, coding seemed to be the main component in that. This gave birth to the idea of starting a safe, automated, and completely free bitcoin escrow, in a way, that the users’ data and information, too, is safe, while handling bitcoins.”

On days when Bhatt is not invested in the works of Coinsavr, he can be found focusing on advancing his free text and file sharing platform, Simple.Savr. For now, he is also involved in projects targeting to raise awareness of the global water crisis and working on a few tweaks in regards to iOS jailbroken devices. It’s interesting to witness how this young lad has already surpassed the cut-throat competition and managed to rise to the top in such a less time.


Adam Edelberg Talks about Evolving Fashion Trends

The world of fashion took a hit this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Big names of the industry are looking at ways to overcome the slump that has developed. Companies like Michael Kors are seeing shakeups in management, while brands like Nike seem unable to open their stores amid persistent fears of the virus spreading. Adam Edelberg, who currently works in fashion and is also a financial consultant, talks about the state of fashion and finance this year. 

What is the current situation within the industry?

If certain analysts are to be believed, the fashion industry was already on alert even before the pandemic was declared. There were many struggles already going on. There were also strategies in place to handle them, but, of course, the pandemic has rendered it all pointless. 

Will the industry recover?

Currently, fashion brand supply chains are struck hard, on-site shopping is also hit due to social distancing, and online shopping is declining because people are saving money. There is a chance that we could recover with accelerated consumption once the pandemic is reasonably over, but I am not feeling too optimistic. 

How did you end up in finance?

My passion is always fashion; I guarantee it. I am an Assistant Designer to Wolfgang Joop, a celebrated fashion designer. But with the lockdown going on, I wanted to try something else while being stuck at home. I have a BA in Economics, and I thought there was no better time to use it. I have worked for a very long time in the fashion industry, as was my dream. But I decided to go for something new now. 

Where do you work in the finance sector, and how did you go about getting clients?

Right now, I am working as a Financial Consultant and Wealth Manager at MLP Bank. As for clients, I already had a ton of contacts in the fashion industry. The state of fashion being as it is right now, I was able to reach out and quickly get in touch with several of my fashion clients. 

What is next for you?

I plan to start my own YouTube channel shortly to talk about finance, banking, etc. and share tips and such with my audience, and provide guidance for wealth management.  


How entrepreneur Stephen Orso is reinventing the wheel

Stephen Orso is the embodiment of hustle. When everyone bobs, Stephen weaves. The investor, entrepreneur has never been one to take the traditional route. As early as high school, Stephen was involved in various entrepreneurial endeavors. In high school, Stephen started a high end sports memorabilia company; he used drop shipping and online marketing techniques before they were popularized in order to make over 200K before he graduated. At the young age of 17, Stephen illustrated that he was a force to be reckoned with by negotiating a deal with one of the largest sports memorabilia dealers in the world, JL Sports.

Beyond the fact that Stephen was on the front end of some of the most useful internet era sales techniques Stephen has always shown an ability to adapt and adjust. Growing up, Stephen was a baseball phenom, mastering the notoriously complicated knuckleball at a young age. Stephen’s unique talent secured him personal training sessions with the great knuckleballer RA Dickey as well as a spot on the University of Maryland’s Division 1 baseball team. Despite this great opportunity, Stephen saw a larger opportunity off the field. At the young age of 19 Stephen decided to forgo his baseball destiny and move back to NYC so he could pursue business opportunities while going to school.

Stephen quickly become both an entrepreneur and investor. In terms of entrepreneurship, Stephen started his own events management company and began partnering with prestigious clubs and restaurants all over the city. Before he was even 20 years old, Stephen solidified his brand as an essential NYC tastemaker, making a small fortune while doing so. During this time Stephen worked with Cipriani, 1 Oak Night Club, Tao Group, Marquee Night Club, Catch Restaurant & Club, and many more elite New York City brands. Stephen then leveraged his newfound network and legitimacy to into the independent music industry. Investing his own money, Stephen began discovering and helping artists develop their sound, pay for costs, and market their music. By starting his own record label, Stephen’s, knowledge of online marketing, and access to elite NYC social networks gave him a unique ability to provide value in every aspect of an artist’s creative and business process. Stephen helped start the careers of Bryson Tiller and producer phenomKBeazy, just to name a few.

As an investor, Stephen wanted to honor his life-long dedication to health and athletic performance. As an investor, Stephen was ahead of the curve with high quality yet health conscious food products. Stephen’s been a long-time investor in Barely Bread, an artisan quality bread company that is certified non-gmo, gluten-free, paleo.. Stephen is also an investor in Flow Water, an 100% naturally alkaline spring water company, making him co-investors with Gwyneth Paltrow and Shawn Mendes. Despite Stephen’s commitment to health conscious companies, Stephen likes to diversify his portfolio. He’s producing a new mini series focusing on fine dining, influential chefs, and unique food creations. This project has actually received some recent press in the London Daily Post. Despite being a newcomer to film and tv, Stephen’s experience investing in the food & beverage industry as well as his business acumen all but guarantees his future triumphs in the culinary & health film world.

When asked about the current climate and his next moves, Stephen responded, “you have to be able to be flexible. Right now our artists are utilizing tools like IG Live, Twitch, and Periscope to develop a closer relationship with their fans.” Beyond helping his artist seize the moment, Stephen is seizing the moment in his personal life as well. It has been reported that Stephen arned major profits by shorting the stock market before the economy shut down he won big on bets like buying stock in Peleton, Zoom, Netflix, and Starbucks pre-shut down.


Questions Most People Ask Before Getting Their Dental Braces

For those of us who are thinking of getting a dental braces, the first few questions that might come to mind would be: Is braces painful? How much does it cost? And How long would it take. But other than these 3 questions, there so many other questions pertaining to dental braces that you should be aware of! So let’s take a look at some of these questions!

What is the possible side effect of braces?

Some possible side effects include allergic reactions, development of plagues on the teeth, and also getting sores all over the mouth. [1] However, one of the most common side effects for wearing braces would be pain in the jaw and mouth overall. Imagine having both your upper and lower jaw purposely pulled and pressured to move to a new position. Of course this will cause a certain level of discomfort, especially the first few days after your braces are tightened again. Sometimes the pain is so bad that it leads to headaches as well. However, these things you can treat very easily with some over-the-counter medications. Call your orthodontist and have him or her prescribe you the right medicines to help you deal with the discomfort.

Is mouthwash good for braces?

Yes! Actually, using mouthwash regularly is effective for people with braces. It helps get rid of the bacteria in the mouth, especially in areas where your toothbrush or dental floss cannot reach. It’s quick and simple too, so you should definitely start using mouthwash regularly if you use dental braces.

Is it bad to whiten teeth with braces?

Usually, dentists would suggest patients to whiten their teeth after they are done with the braces treatment, and not to do it while they have the braces on. There is a much higher risk of uneven whitening when you go for whitening with braces.

Can I use normal toothpaste for braces?

Yes, totally. You don’t have to change your toothpaste just because you are getting dental braces, you can use what you have. Make sure it’s a good quality because the quality of your toothpaste will affect your oral health.

What questions should I ask my orthodontist about dental braces?

Here are some questions you can ask for a start to your orthodontist prior to getting dental braces. Keep in mind that there are so many other questions regarding braces that you can ask as well!

  • What’s the process of dental braces treatment like from beginning to end?
  • What is the best age to get dental braces?
  • What are the possible complications and risks involved with the treatment?
  • How much will dental braces cost?
  • Is there a follow-up treatment after the dental braces have done their job?
  • How do help my kids later on if they struggle with the dental braces?

Do braces do anything other than improve my smile?

It improves alignment which means it will improve the way your teeth and jaw function. For example in chewing meat or other food. Misalignment make it harder to chew. Sometimes for kids it even make them don’t like meat because their teeth alignment don’t allow them to chew well and easily. It also ensures that the pressures put on the different areas of the teeth and jaw are right. It doesn’t press or push the teeth towards certain directions that are not favourable.

How can I make my kids more comfortable with the idea of braces?

Tell them honestly what to expect. Don’t sugarcoat the process, but let them know that they will feel quite uncomfortable once the braces are installed and every time after the braces are tightened once again. Later on, you can prepare dental wax or braces wax on hand to help them deal with the pain. Sometimes it hurts when the walls of the mouth scratch the surface of the braces.

[1] Northwest Orthodontic, 2015. Are there any side effects to wearing braces?, from


Olga Ferrara introduces NYC Fashion Brand : House of Want

A New York based brand, dedicated to championing distinctindividual style,
fashioning luxurious arm-candy for the influencer in us all!

HOUSE OF WANT was founded in the heart of the New York fashion world, drawing inspiration from the chic and glamourous hustle of Manhattan. Inspired by the confidence of stylish, globe-trotting gals committed to self-expression, confidence and fashion no matter what, the brand has sought from the beginning to support and champion these #leadingladies.

While we may take our careers, friendships, nails, lashes, and accessories VERY seriously, the brand embraces an irreverence we refer to adoringly: #diditforthegram. We believe confidence is contagious, and everyone should set free their inner fashionista – there’s room for us all to inspire one another. With a luxurious approach always, we sought to offer a collection of fashion-forward, high-quality accessories imbued with this very ethos yet inclusive to all who were drawn to it.

HOUSE OF WANT was conceived amidst an ever-changing media and retail landscape. As the way consumers absorb & devour fashion evolves, digitalization has provided many opportunities for individuals to participate in influencing the state of fashion by expressing their own unique styles.

Social Media and the fashion influencer community drives the fashion narrative in a special, unique and impactful manner. HOUSE OF WANT was built by the genuine support and authentic embrace of this community, as we affectionately refer to as #oursociety. Our trend-relevant designs appeal to our fashionistas and help them to express their exceptional personal styles, which in turn inspires us. #oursociety is our muse!

The brand creates refined and sophisticated accessories, with a nod to retro & lady-like elegance. Designs are approachable and affordable, because it is not about the logo or the price tag, but rather the head to toe look. The collection is inspired by the mixture of hi and lo fashion, and the resulting trend-relevant designs are classic pieces to complement your wardrobe for years to come.

The brand continuously releases collections that are embraced by best in class retailers, sharing a similar ethos. This, in addition to the burgeoning direct to consumer platform, enable us to continue to grow and showcase #oursociety in gratitude to their support.

We have a long-term strategy and are committed to staying the course, breaking down barriers and uniting as team in dedication to the ultimate goal. Some of our future initiatives include championing responsible fashion, expanding into new categories that will appeal to our audience, and giving back to meaningful organizations that are striving to make the world better.

Stay tuned for more!



Spending much of her almost 3 decades in the fashion industry behind the scenes helping to build many other well-known designers handbag categories, Cathy Schwartz-Shino saw an opportunity to create a brand inspired by her own fun & fashionable life, supported and fueled by like-minded women. At the top of 2020, HOUSE OF WANT joined Affordable Luxury Group who invested in and incubates the brand.

For more information about House of Want please visit:

For more information about Olga Ferrara visit:


The Future of Reminder Media with President Luke Acree

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I wanted to chart my own course, and I wanted to empower others to do the same. I believed that the best way to make an impact on others’ lives was to be free to set my own course. And, I love the creative part of building a business. It’s thrilling to see if something you build will succeed or not.

What actionable tips would you recommend to someone who’s struggling to hit their goals?

First, wake up early, get to the gym, feed your body well, drink lots of water. Second, feed your spirit. Do gratitude exercises. Meditate. Focus on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Create a vision board to remind you of where you’re headed. Third, feed your mind. What are you reading? What are you watching? Finally, commit to your calendar. If you’re building a business, set hours for prospecting, hours for client servicing, hours for understanding operations. This won’t happen if you just hope you’ll find time in the day. Set a schedule and commit to it.

What exciting projects are on the horizon for you?

I’m excited to keep growing our podcast, Stay Paid Podcast. Every week, we get the privilege of interviewing the top producers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, and get to learn from them how they’ve built their business and how they’ve obtained the free life we’re striving to create for others.

Be sure to follow Luke on Instagram and Facebook.


A successful, influential businessman, Who Is A Role Model OF Children Of Mauritania: Rachid El Khabbachi

No one born with a silver spoon everybody sooner or later have to work hard and even more hard to make their living to fulfill their dreams life is not kind to anyone same is the story of Rachid EI Khabbachihe was born in Mauritania he opened his eye in poverty hunger everywhere since his childhood he always wanted to be a successful businessman so that he can improve the living of his family as well as can play his part in the development of society.

Life story:

Rachid always wanted to be a successful businessman; he started his career as a street fighter; he was a sportsman, in the beginning, he never gave up in his dark times; he stay motivated through thick and thin, seeing his society as well as his family battling for food and even the most essential things for the life he always wanted to give them a living that they deserve he started his business of selling and buying products he used to buy things and then sell them in high rates and then reinvest his profit in the business shares he keeps on working hard for his business and later on become a successful young self-made businessman. His hard work paid off; now, he is one of the famous businessmen with almost above 250K+ expanding devotees, which is huge.

A successful businessman:

Rachid achieves the fame success that one could wish for now; he is not just a businessman but also a style icon. A lot of renowned brands want to hire him as their brand ambassador. Netflix is also trying to make a documentary on his life to inspire many people. Because his life is a truly motivational story for anyone from a street fighter to a renowned businessman, he struggled a lot to make a beautiful life that he always wanted to live.

Charity tasks:

he always actively participates in charity tasks to help needy people. Due to his contributions towards the organizations the president of Mauritania invited him to meet, he has a tremendous influential impact on the people. They really appreciate his efforts towards the betterment of society.

He is so active on social media platforms that people can visit him and follow him there to update him. If you are one of his fan then you must visit his Instagram account for daily updates.


A role model in the Realm of Fashion – Emil Montenegro

Believe me when I tell you that being an influencer in any matter of life is not a piece of cake. Many people beyond your expectations are looking forward to you for guidance, and many of them are following your views to look upon the matter.

Few of the influencers are doing great work and impacting a positive effect on their followers’ lives. When we talk about those few influencers, we cannot ignore the personality and work of Emil Montenegro. He is a fashion blogger and a model. He began his work as a model when he won a contest named “Face of Montenegro.” Because of his good looks and born talent of being a model, he was soon photographed by many famous photographers and magazines. He was photographed in Montenegro, Milan, and Paris. Renowned photographic agencies and self-promoting platforms invited him on social media because of his good photos and looks. These shows’ performance led him to a permanent modeling job in Vivienne Westwood, Italian vogue, and a book named “Emil Intenso e Misterioso.” He started working in many commercial, international television shows, music videos, and fashion magazines in Brazil. As he always had an urge to do better and better, so he is doing some voice lessons, music classes, and acting lessons.

To do better, a person should have talent, curiosity, determination, work ethics, and discipline. They must have the determination of chasing their dreams because determination can lead one to gain talent from the various platform and mold himself according to the will of his dreams.” – Emil.

Emil wants to show people that they can do anything they want. High school students follow him, and they admire him and follow him so much. He wants to guide all those willing to learn and show them that they can do anything they want to choose the right track and ambitions.

“I try to deliver positive vibes in people’s life. Because there is already so much stress and negativity in our society, so I want positive energy to be my message.” – Emil

Emil is an international fashion model, songwriter, Instagram star, and he began recording in recent times. He has more than 300k followers on Instagram already, and he is getting sponsorships from many famous brands. He tells his followers the tips for getting started and building their own careers.

“You have to give people a reason why they should follow you. You have to give them contents and broadcast on your page and everything that our youth needs to imply on their lives in order to attain success.” – Emil.

He was born on 21st April 1989 in Montenegro. He completed his graduation from Mediterranean University, studying tourism and marketing.

“We live in a world that is changing itself very rapidly. If we do not keep up with its pace, it will cast us out, and it will be so difficult to survive.” – Emil.