Born on 10th November 1988 in Rochester, New York, Dominic Nicholson a.k.a Bagzamilleon is an American Singer and Rapper.   

He was born in a wonderful family but his circumstances made him lead his life on the street. He even had to serve a term in prison but as the saying goes, “God will always give you a second chance if you want”, he got his. 

After he came back from serving sentences, he reformed his life entirely and entered the music industry and now; he has been in the music industry since 2016. He was initially introduced to the hip hop world by his friend, Big Bootsie, and Damon Dash was the one who gave the spotlight he needed. 

His first Mixtapes were ‘Money – My Lingo’ and ‘Loisaidas 2’. Later on, he went ahead to sing his next song ‘Luigi’, which broke all the records by crossing 20K streams on Spotify within the first week itself and 50K in its lifetime run. 

After that, there was no looking back. With time, he gained great popularity within America and Europe. He now enjoys over 120K followers on Facebook and Instagram combined.

When asked about his future goals, he said he still has a long way to go and he wants to reach every part of this world. He also dreams to collaborate with big names like Lil Baby, Dababy, Megan The Stallion, etc.  

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