His goal is to seek out all the places that you’ve never heard of. This is what drives him to keep eating through the Bay Area, and to keep sharing his love of food. Tim started out in 2015, simply taking photos of food just as a hobby.  He was on his way to become a computer scientist when he realized that there wasn’t a lot of talk about the local food scene within the San Francisco Bay area. Using just his phone as a camera, Tim decided to start a food blog, the @bayarea.foodies.

He’s always been passionate about food, and loves taking photos of it. Tim has also been a longtime fan of watching food bloggers like Mark Wiens and Mikey Chen. Once he started his own blog, he’s uncovered for other Bay Area Foodies, some of the best Bay Area places to eat, some of the best tacos, ramen, and boba around, and has inspired others to channel their passion for food into their own food blogs.

Once he began posting, Tim saw that his posts were becoming very helpful to people. His following grew as he began to blog about his favorite hidden gems of the Bay Area. But it isn’t just the secret, hidden gems that Tim has been focusing on. He loves to especially seek out local places that are minority owned. Tim also says he loves that through his blog, people are trying different ethnic foods that they would have normally not known of, or even overlooked.

And he has a farreach with the Bay Area Foodies and beyond. Today, Tim has 125k followers, and counting. Tim has partially gained such a large following by staying true to his initial goal, which he says “is to help get the word out on all the amazing local mom and pop restaurants.” But it is his ever-growing passion for local and minority-owned places and trying out new foods, uncovering unknown restaurants that fuels his game. It keeps blogging exciting for him, which is apparent in the mouthwatering photos he takes. Tim says it may be easy for many food bloggers to grow tired, or frustrated with blogging. But his constant food-exploring attitude makes it fun and engaging, for both him and his followers.

San Francisco and the Bay Area are always evolving, growing and changing. With that, Tim has plenty of opportunities to continue uncovering, and tasting new experiences. But he does have some favorites within the Bay Area. For lunch, Tim says that his favorite are the crispy Carne Asada tacos with salsa verde at La Taqueria in San Francisco. But then he changes it up for dinner, going for noodles at Ramen Nagi in San Jose, getting the spicy authentic Japanese ramen. Then for dessert, it’s matcha-time. But not the drink. Tim says that the matcha crepe cakes from U: Dessert Story in San Francisco. Tim, as any true foodie, can’t end it there. To satisfy a persisting sweet craving, he says that a stop at his favorite Boba spot: the Tea Hut in San Francisco.

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