Real estate marketing is a highly competitive business. As the number of real estate agents increases, the need to come up with innovative and unique marketing strategies increases because everybody wants to create a lasting impression on their prospects.

In times like these, a well-established, trusted print media campaign can be an excellent way to market your real estate services to potential clients. Print includes various other real estate marketing materials that can help you increase your brand awareness.

Here are some benefits of print-based marketing for real estate.

It leaves a lasting impression

A digital message remains in the user’s mind for a brief period unless they save it somewhere on their computer or write it down. However, print marketing materials help engage users physically and stimulate an emotional response.

The person who is interested in your company will keep the flier and contact you when the time is appropriate. Statistical data says that more than 80% of Americans retain printed promotional flyers and postcards with them for an average of 6 months before they throw them away, meaning if the need for your services arises during that period, they will be more likely to pick up the pamphlet and call you to enquire about your services.

High credibility

Printed marketing materials help you get a loyal customer base because of their high credibility. Have you ever thought about why people still subscribe to newspapers and magazines? It’s because they believe that the information in them is accurate and credible.

Therefore, print media can significantly increase your sales, profits, and revenue. Digital media is not necessarily untrustworthy, but the public consensus is that print media generally has greater credibility.

Print includes other marketing materials

Similar to digital media, you can also choose a wide range of real estate marketing materials in print media. Some of the most common ones include billboards, brochures, catalogs, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, logos, newspaper ads, posters, banners, promotional gift items, etc.

Less competition

As mentioned earlier, the competition in the real estate industry is rapidly increasing, with more agents looking to have a social media presence compared to the last decade.

Since everybody is busy investing in digital marketing, print media marketing can be your golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd and maintain personal relationships with the local people. By building a solid presence in your local real estate market, you can gain recognition in other regions through recommendations.

Old-school appeal

Many people still prefer the old-school appeal of print advertising, especially those over 50 years of age. They like considering a company by looking at their physical brochures, fliers, forms, etc. over the ones available on their website or digital ad.


Many people think print advertising is dead. However, it can give your digital footprint a solid foundation and help target individuals of every age.

In real estate marketing, print media can do wonders for your business by attracting various credible leads. Print marketing materials allow readers to remember your company’s name for a long time and serve as a word-of-mouth technique. Furthermore, even if they are not immediately looking to buy a property, they may hold on to your marketing materials and get in touch with you if the need arises in the future.

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