Do you think that a young entrepreneur who starts today in the digital space…can turn that into a profession within a year ?

Totally. If you find a mentor or a proactive community to kick-start your apprenticeship, you can even be up and running within 3 months. The beauty of our era is that with utmost dedication and passion, you can learn and master any skill in a short amount of time, even just through Youtube or one of the many learning platforms out there.

Thanks for being here. How you see the current startup environment going during this unprecedented times ?

The startup and VC environment seemed really liquid and energetic until Q4 2019. What is happening in this very moment, might make a hit on this space. Debt is rising and investors will play a more conservative approach towards all forms of investing. Leverage and borrowing will decrease as well. Any recession put worth and competences back on the main stage. We were sitting at an almost a decade long economical expansion and everything was inflated and overvalued. This market crash will put things back into perspective.

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