There’s a old saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But some lucky Burger King fans will at any rate have the option to get one thing for free.

Burger King declared the arrival of its dollar menu, and to check the arrival of this staple of fast-food restaurants, BK is allegedly sending random individuals $1, which the fast-food chain authorities expectation will be spent at a Burger King.

As the name proposes, each thing on the $1 Your Way Menu costs a single dollar, as indicated by Burger King. The menu incorporates the bacon cheeseburger, Chicken Jr., esteem fries and a worth soda.

“We know that value is extremely important to our guests, especially now,” said Ellie Doty, the Burger King North America chief marketing officer. “That’s why we set out to create a menu that offers craveable products, like our Bacon Cheeseburger, that can’t be found at the same price anywhere else.”

Burger King is advancing the dispatch of its new menu by sending random clients a dollar each to their Venmo accounts, as per Yahoo Life. The advancement will be running until Dec. 28, which is the point at which the menu will authoritatively launch at participating areas.

The idea of a dollar menu isn’t new to fast-food. A few eateries, including McDonald’s, offered discount things for simply a dollar (or 99 cents, they needed to seem serious with different chains). These menus at last transformed into what a few chains named “value” menus, where more affordable things would all be gathered. The launch of Burger King’s Your Way Menu, however, marks the arrival of a $1 menu.

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