He is a successful teenager sneaker businessman who believed he could achieve the success he desired and so did he.

No matter how much ever we talk about people entering the online or e-commerce space and the kind of revolutionary work they carry out to give a new face to the business world, it always feels all this is less spoken about. The developments have been such in recent years, especially by very young business personalities that it has turned heads of many e-commerce business experts all around the world. Coming at the forefront of the e-commerce business in the sneakers niche is yet another young talented mind, who still stands apart from others for his age and his astute skills in business. He is Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz from Toronto, Ontario who believed he could achieve success stepping into the e-commerce space and that’s what he achieved. He became the sneaker reseller and entrepreneur that he wished to become.

Many people have a fetish for many different things in life, but how many of them make a career into the same by turning that particular thing into a profession? Shoes and sneakers are something that youngsters of today are crazy about. They wish to own some of the rarest editions of brands at affordable prices and match it with their favourite outfits to showcase their style and vibe. Focusing on these demands of people across the world is Idrees kickz who for his passion for sneakers turned into a sneaker entrepreneur and took over the e-commerce space at only 19 years of age.

Getting into the business world was the only best choice that this prolific young talent believed and from the age of 13 began working towards achieving his dreams. He first dealt in the business of buying and selling stuff online and then totally focused on buying unique and renowned sneaker brands and reselling them for gaining some profits. As his business increased, Idrees kickz gained the confidence to initiate his own brand and thus, came into existence “Woiair”.

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