Supercar Advocates is an internationally famous car show that brings to the table loads of thrilling episodes around some of the world’s rarest and most expensive cars, supercars and hypercars. The founder and host of the show Lecha Khouri and his team go to beautiful locations and deliver their reviews and experiences with numerous cars and in a way, bring their audiences closer to what they love.

Popularly known as Lee by his fans and followers, Lecha Khouri is not just a car show host but also an avid car enthusiast and collector. For Lee, a childhood interest manifested in a way that today he has a total of 54 high end special cars in his collection. He is someone who has revolutionized the car collection scene of Australia and added newness and adventure to it.

With Supercar Advocates, Lecha Khouri caters to car communities across the world. The latest episode of the show is a sensation. It features the brand new high-performance sports car Nissan GT-R T-spec that has only a hundred models produced. Out of them, twenty five have been sent to Australia. What is additionally exciting is that Lecha Khouri’s car is the last customer delivered Nissan GT-R T-spec. It is VIN 0051 of the R35 GT-R final production run and has come in a rare colour known as Millenium Jade. The car not only has an exclusive rose gold engine cover but also carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon wing and RAYS wheels.

With the recent episode of Supercar Advocates revolving around this brilliant sports car, the show has upped the standards of car shows and the thrill that comes with them. The episode is also fascinating JDM and Fast & Furious fans around the world.

Watch the episode and revel in the beauty and class that Nissan GT-R T-spec literally personifies.

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