After stepping into a studio in 2011, Charizmia knew who she wanted to become. After spending four years in the military and having two kids, Charizmia wanted to take her life and change it for the better. After growing up in poverty in Dothan Alabama, Charisma Paige grew up surrounded by music and passion for every type of music. Despite her involvement in a variety of enterprises and endeavors, she always knew she wanted to rap. She claims to come from a lineage of hidden talents, with singing running in her veins. Her uncle is a rapper, and her sister enjoys both singing and rapping, according to her. She describes her music as a way that individuals can express themselves and use it for motivational purposes. She wants people to see that anything is possible and that dreams don’t come true unless you work for them. Growing up with three other younger siblings, she knows what responsibilities of life are all about. She says that her family is always supportive and wants to ensure that she reaches the ultimate goal of success.

While she uses the music industry to display the hard times she’s lived through, there are many outcomes that come out of it as well. Charizmia wants people to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’re surrounded by, you can make it out.

As she continues to inspire young women around the United States, she hopes to eventually reach to all women around the world and show them the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.

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