From a thorough knowledge of the structural trends that are most likely to shape the future of property market to local current real estate market forecasts, Simon Walder has championed the art of making informed real estate investment decisions. He has put down five key insights to help others make informed decisions too. Let’s delve.

1. Walk score

It’s a common insight used to determine whether or not to invest in a property. Simon recommends investors to pay heed to the area’s walk score as it helps to decide whether important utility centers like groceries are within walking distance of the property or requires one to take a vehicle. Therefore, investors – especially tenants – usually look for spaces that are credited with a high walk score.

2. Offence rate

Simon says that the crime rate of an area is an essential factor to consider when investigating an area. This insight will help the investor to determine the quality of life in and around the prospective real estate space and whether it’s a preferred space to live in or not.

3. General index

The general index also known as the cost-of-living-index is, Simon says, one of the most overlooked yet important real estate investment insights. Knowing the cost of living of a real estate market can help one to plan his investment and estimate the future appreciation as well as depreciation value of that market. This information can help an investor to arrive at an attractive optimal rental price for his property.

4. Employment rate

An area’s employment rate is yet another vital real estate market investment insight. Simon explains, “It shows you the number of employed people vs the non-employed ones in the region. It makes sense to invest in a market that has a high employment rate as this means your prospective property’s price and demand will increase exponentially.”

5. Keep emotions out

Simon shares, “Emotions don’t make for wise decisions.” So, one should not invest with his heart but brain. Simon advises fellow investors that if they want to make the best decision then they should decide whether to invest in a particular property or not only after careful and thorough analysis of the four points listed above.

Simon’s real estate company, Uptown Capital LLC, focuses on value-add retail and mixed use real estate and is helping many investors earn passive income through real estate. His company manages the properties, the tenants as well as the maintenance aspect. Simon’s advice is certainly worth considering.

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