Phillip H. Perez Founder & CEO of BarterUnit LLC, (an all-in-one community currency, payment system, and barter-exchange marketplace platform) says the company is witnessing a hefty jump in registered users. 

“We suspect due to the unfortunate Coronavirus crises and the scarcity of certain products such as toilet paper, water, and canned foods, we are seeing a significant rise in the number of registered users and barter exchanges. We have members listing toilet paper and Ramen Noodles in exchange for other vital goods. We are also seeing a surplus of private barter unit back-end transactions, which is great to see that the system is working as it’s intended. In times of uncertainty and economic hardship, we are delighted to provide a system whereby people can connect and barter their goods and unwanted items in a safe and user-friendly environment,” says Perez.

The BarterUnit app is a new startup that provides a platform for people to come together and barter while simultaneously solving economic problems that impact everyone. The app is available in the Apple Store and GooglePlay Store.

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