Day 3 Box Office Collection for Kill: Lakshya, who is making his feature debut, is currently in the news. The film, which is billed as a graphic action thriller, also stars Tanya Maniktala, Ashish Vidyarthi, Raghav Juyal, and Harsh Chhaya in important parts. Kill, which has Nikhil Nagesh Bhat as director, is produced by Achin Jain, Karan Johar, Guneet Monga, and Apoorva Mehta. With the help of its trailer, the film was able to generate a lot of interest and receive positive reviews.

It should be noted that Kill tells the tale of a valiant army soldier and his bloody battle with vicious, knife-wielding bandits who hijack a train and terrorize its occupants. From Raghav’s merciless appearance to Lakshya’s amazing action scenes, Kill has been the buzz of the town from day one. Nevertheless, Kill opens at the box office with an opening day revenue of Rs 1.25 crore, despite generating a lot of buzz in the community.

Kill Box Office Collection Day 3

For Kill, though, the first weekend brought much-needed relief as attendance increased significantly at the ticket office. On the second day (the first Saturday), Kill’s collections increased by more than 70%, earning a total of 2.5 crores. Kill, an action thriller, has been doing well at the box office. On its third day, or first Sunday, it brought in Rs 2.8 crores, bringing its total receipts to Rs 6.2 crores.

Meanwhile, Lakshya recently got candid about his debut film being premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and told Cosmopolitan, “Honestly, after we shot the film last year, I saw it for the first time at the Toronto Film Festival screening. I was sitting bang in the middle of an audience of 1,700 people, and their unfiltered, most honest reactions were a massive validation for me as an actor, an artist, and for everybody who was a part of that film. I don’t have words to describe the experience as I had never been at the receiving end of anything like this ever before”.

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