New York City has an unmatched nightlife and among the people who run the show is DJ Beyond. He was born and grew up in Manhattan which gave him a first-hand experience of the whole scene. It also exposed him to the negative stigma which comes with being a DJ. Damian Perez Jr. or professionally known as DJ Beyond always tries to shoot down all such perceptions that are in the minds of common people. However, he does not say that none of that ever happens.

“No, not all of us- party like there’s no tomorrow, have cut off with our families, don’t have any goals in life, have to hustle every day to earn a decent living, get no respect from society, never got proper education, get no recognition for our work, and are unprofessional. These are the words I have listened to throughout my career. Each of them is a separate scar on my heart. I won’t say there aren’t people who do this, but all of us do not deserve the blame. Even before I properly entered the field, my mind was made up that I’ll do nothing like this and become someone people can look up to,” says DJ Beyond.

Keeping these traits in perspective, it is quite evident that Damian Perez Jr.’s whole career was aimed at showing the world how not all DJs are as miserable as many people think they are.

He always credits his family for playing a huge role in his career. His father gave him the exposure while his mother gave him turntables for Christmas. There is no question of DJ Beyond leaving his family to try and make a life of his own.

The multitalented fellow has set high goals for himself in life. He started his own company called BeyondRest Entertainment after completing his schooling. This allowed him to not only perform at events but also arrange and manage them.

DJ Beyond does not hustle blindly but works smart. He has been a part of several deals with major brands such as Playboy, Etiquette Restaurants, Puma, Pepsi, Diesel, and Marriott Hotels. It shows that he never had to juggle himself in between gigs to earn a good living.

The motivated DJ has made a name for himself and got recognized for his skills as well. His music blending talent got rewarded when he won the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards. On top of that, he also appeared on different television shows like MTV’s Wild n Out, WE TV’s Bridezilla, BET’s Rap City, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. The level of his professionalism can be traced back to 2013 when he got signed by Lo Maximo Productions.

Lastly, DJ Beyond aims to further prove that DJ’ing has a lot of growth prospects as it is being speculated that he will grow his entrepreneurial and artistic side. Starting a record label or making a Netflix series could turn out to be the best path for him to choose.

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