The best work is that which does not feel like work. DJ Greg S is a living example of this quote. His story is an exciting one so brace yourself to know how DJ Greg went from being an unnoticed kid in class to one of America’s favorite DJs.

Greg S’ full name is Greg Somlok and he is an American DJ who is famous for his high energy, electrifying, enthusiasm filled, buzzy, and trendy music at parties. When DJ Greg S performs at an event, the organizers say ‘what can even go wrong?’.

Greg S stepped into the world of being a DJ and musician in 2013 but it was not until late 2016 that he started doing it more frequently. Prior to this, he hired DJs for his lounge parties but as fate would have it, Greg Somlok himself started to be the DJ at high-profile events a few years down the line.

Being a DJ is certainly not an easy task as it involves making the crowd happy with your musical notes and DJ mixes. While some DJs fail miserably at making the crowd enjoy, Greg S is built different. His performances are loved by the crowd and they party 2x harder when Greg S is on the DJ mix.

Greg S has also performed with American rapper and songwriter Snoop Dog at Up & Down Bar&Club few months ago. 

If you ever want to witness Greg Somlok’s skills, you can watch the video titled ‘Dancing for a Cause’ on his YouTube Channel ‘Greg S’. 

The intro of the video says: In the time of broken dreams when people are divided and turned against each other, we remember why we are here – To Reunite. And with the power of music, reach out to friends in need. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to experience this phenomenal night with Greg S. 

The YouTube video of Greg Somlok on the audio mixer shows his DJ prowess and proves that he is a notch above par. The high quality music transitions, smooth music flow, and the perfect beats make up for the most pleasing sounds to the ear.

DJ Greg S is also active on Instagram (@itsgreg.s) where he shares the details about all of his upcoming events so it is highly recommended that you also follow him there to stay updated.

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