DJ Star Luminn Capturing Music Lovers With His mind blowing performance

The list of young and rising DJs is incomplete without mentioning Luminn. Currently, this exceptional Trance DJ star from China has made a name for himself with his firm, Resurgence Music. Additionally, This magical and mellow young musician reached the top DJ list of 2021, maintaining his position at the 96th spot. Amongst his most famous songs are Reload, Shapeshifter, Phosphene…

Fans have connected with Luminn over his career due to his wise, catchy, and charismatic personality and musical skills that never capture one’s imagination. Currently, you can connect with him on Facebook and Instagram . Don’t forget to subscribe to Luminn’s official YouTube channel, where he regularly posts his videos and new songs . Being a young artist, there is no doubt that Luminn’s charisma and characteristic musical compositions would revolutionize the dramatic world of DJing. Book him through Assured Agency or Ease 21 Music for your upcoming events. He can perform at all event types and DJ based on the event’s persona. A sheerly versatile DJ, Luminn is the face of the DJ industry of tomorrow. His potential is expanding, and only time will tell how far he goes.

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