Entrepreneur Dr. Abishek Colaco (https://instagram.com/abishek.colaco?igshid=rc1xn6qixiq1) says that is just the beginning of digital marketing in India. In the coming days, it would grow to such an extent where government will consider introducing a course

He started his journey as a physiotherapist recently graduated from the prestigious Manipal University and is currently working at FC GOA. The onset of 2020 has launched his new business consultancy venture  “Media networks” catered to connect business directly to clients.

Learning from their footsteps, Dr. Abishek Colaco has come a long way in three years and he has mastered himself in digital marketing. He has emerged as the youngest digital marketing entrepreneur in the world.

All business proceeds go towards Strategic investments in a diversified portfolio ranging from cryptocurrency in blockchain to stocks in share market and nationalized banks.

Dr. Abishek Colaco started as a freelancer and then slowly he began to get useful clients, so, he didn’t waste time and create his own company called Media network. Right now,  Media network has become the first choice in Digital Marketing.  Dr. Abishek Colaco has worked to achieve this tag of Youngest Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, and it is not simple to accomplish.

 He also gives his expert advice. His consulting work has helped many people in recent times. His company  Media network  also provides an essential course for digital marketing.

Media network says, it is just starting of digital marketing in India. We will see lot more new things with the growth of the Internet in India. More companies will try digital marketing to survive in this competitive world. There will be no space for the business people who don’t attempt digital marketing in the coming years. It will be part of the business routine process.

Dr. Abishek Colaco even feels you will see government will start digital marketing courses or include in studies in coming years.

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