E3 2019’s conferences and announcements just as its leaks- are going all out, and another new one is certain to get a great part of the internet very excited. While a great part of the year’s Nintendo Switch news will probably be going ahead Tuesday as a component of the Nintendo Direct stream, we have another game announcement meanwhile. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android soon, distributer Game Grumps has announced.

“We’ll be dropping Dream Daddy for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in the very near future,” the company said on Twitter. “An official release date will be forthcoming, so stay tuned!”

To celebrate the announcement, Game Grumps has made new mixtapes for every one of the game’s characters. The distributer additionally prodded there may be new characters coming when the game goes to the new platforms.

Dream Daddy was first released on PC in 2017 and soon became a cult hit. The game, which came to PS4 toward the end of last year, has you play as a father romancing different fathers in your town. It’s loaded up with father based puns, and at its center it has an inconceivably inspiring anecdote about bringing up a girl all alone. It’s likewise comprehensive without feeling like the assorted variety is simply posing;gender and sexuality issues are presented in a straightforward manner, but for the most part, the dads’ narrative arcs are about fatherhood. We said it was one of the best PC games you might have missed in 2017.

This is one of what’s certain to be an immense number of games for Switch at E3. We’ll be monitoring all the new ones to enable you to remain over every one of the announcements. The Nintendo Direct on Tuesday is as yet an unavoidable issue mark as far as what we can anticipate. One of the very few clear promises came just this weekend, as it was confirmed we’ll find out who the next Smash Ultimate DLC character is.

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