Over the ages, we have seen many people getting late-night fame through social media. Social media apart from its basic usage has helped people to make a career for themselves. Elvis Gjeci is one of the most famous and deeply followed fitness trainers from Italy who has been a spark of the fitness industry for several years.

With over 50k followers on Instagram, the fitness geek is the holder of 3 world records and participates in International level competitions to present his country and skills.

He has been getting famous on Instagram and other social media networks due to his impeccable and unique workouts.

Elvis Gjeci is an expert figure answerable for overseeing in an individualized manner the proactive tasks of the individuals who approach or practice active work to improve their wellbeing or wellness. His experience is interdisciplinary and in persistent preparation and refreshing, all in all, his movement comprises teaching his fans solid ways of life and planning and complete exercises focused on a particular reason.

His Background?

“I was an artistic gymnastics athlete for 15 years, being part of the CONI center in Tirrenia. Then after my sports career, I started working with a company that deals with shows in which I perform performances based on acrobatic exercises and games with fire and LEDs. I always put videos with my stunts on social channels and that’s exactly how I was contacted for the selection of this American program. The period In California was incredible. It was like seeing a movie but I was the protagonist this time! I still didn’t believe it, where I faced a series of tests to defeat a monster by overcoming the various obstacles that the path put in front of us”

Originally from Fighille, Elvis Gjeci is a 26-years-old guy next door, who was one of the six agents from Italy to participate in a Netflix show directed by Sylvester Stallone. He was an artistic gymnast for a course of 15 years.

You can follow him on Instagram and get innovative workout sessions for almost free: https://www.instagram.com/elvis_gjeci_/

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