Doomguy is en route to Fall Guys. Subsequent to teasing the incorporation of a Doom-themed costume for seemingly weeks, Fall Guys designer Mediatonic affirmed that it will add not one but rather three such skins to the game on January twelfth.

You can see every one of the three out of a trailer the studio shared on YouTube, and they’re a portion of the game’s best outfits yet. There’s an cute-as-hell take on the Cacodemon, a loveable version of Doom Eternal’s Tyrant obviously the Doom Slayer himself. They’ll be accessible inside the game “for a limited time.”

In the middle of seasonal updates, Mediatonic has gone to skins to keep individuals getting back to Fall Guys.

Simply a month ago, it came out with an outfit committed to well known Fortnite streamer Ninja. The studio added a Sonic-themed skin before that.

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