Modeling is not an easy nut to crack as you need to prove in all facets of your life. You got to have the right face with a sharp brain that can help you prosper on the ramps and even when you are before the judges facing tough questions in any beauty contest.  Farooqh Armaan is someone who has proved his skills and niche hard in the industry to get the best. Born in Punjab on 9th May 1993, he always looked at life in a different way. Fashion and music did appeal to him.

His knack for fashion also made him a fitness freak, hence he kept his body in shape that helped him to carry his personality so well. Being a music lover, he learnt guitar and also been the teacher of the musical instrument. Being good in his fitness, he headed to become a fitness model along with being a guitar teacher. Besides, being a multitasker, he explored his personality in different directions and got an edge in martial arts and thus gained a brown belt in it.  

Farooqh Armaan found immense potential in the hairstyle training niche and hence dived into the same to become the hair trainer he is today, providing hairstylist education to people for the last 8 years.

He is a good dancer and thus once he hits the floor he makes his presence felt with his incredible dance skills. Above all, he is a motivated person as he remains positive with his incredible energy. This has made him share his experiences and boost up people with his rich motivational talk. Interestingly, this has made him a motivational speaker who interestingly has something to share with the audience helping people to grow in their lives. Now, being into modeling, he intends to go a long way!

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