Last year, Fashion Nova set records for audience engagement, logging 20 million+ Instagram followers from all over the world. For the brand, it was one way to illustrate just how popular the body positive, shape-hugging clothing is with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, other A-list entertainers, as well as millions of loyal fans. 

But despite how many customers enjoy the curvaceous fashion that ranges from lingerie to jeans, many still don’t know what the brand is going to deliver next. Need a preview? Here’s what to expect from Fashion Nova in 2022:

Lingerie that combines old school glamor and sexy silhouettes

Few types of Fashion Nova pieces match the attention the brand gets from sensual lingerie. It is the company’s calling card. From thigh-hugging bottoms to flattering, low-cut, lacy bustiers and bras, the clothing under the clothing gets top marks from customers.

One of last year’s show-stopping pieces was a barely-there top and bottom set with black ties around the waist, and a shape-hugging bra with the same strappy details. When customers lost their minds over this flattering ensemble, the company doubled-down, introducing a number of styles for the curvy girl in most of us.

Sleek, cat-like bodysuits

It takes a fierce, confident woman to rock a skin-tight bodysuit, and Fashion Nova fans are more than happy to take on this challenge. From soft-looking one-pieces in gray, jersey-like fabric, to a chocolate-colored velvet version with a zipper that runs all the way down the bodice, Fashion Nova’s designs – and their most ardent fans – are about taking risks.

One extremely popular piece in 2021 used mesh lace to hug the body. Judging from the fire emojis and 84,000+ Instagram likes, Fashion Nova fans appreciate beautiful, shapely lingerie, and they’ll wear it with pride because it’s both chic and comfortable. Expect more of the same in 2022.

Bright, skin-tight mini dresses

Fashion Nova dresses are some of the brand’s most popular items, and few draw attention like these shapely pieces – both short and long. But in 2021, the brand truly hit its stride with short cocktail dresses, offering a number of styles, a broad slate of fabrics, and eye-catching colors like lime green, pink, and bright blue.  

From shiny numbers with high thigh slits and plunging necklines to sparkly, off-the-shoulder, dreamy frocks, the Fashion Nova collection has the little black (or green, or yellow, or red) dresses for every occasion. Inspired by some of the most popular designs across the world – and the red hot hip hop industry — Fashion Nova will continue cornering this market in 2022

Long, shiny, sparkly gowns 

Make no mistake, the gown has changed. It’s no longer the frilly frock of yesteryear, fodder for funny roundups of worst dressed offenders. It’s sleek. It’s seductive. It honors the female body. One big hit in 2021 was Fashion Nova’s revolutionary set of long, black dresses. While one showed off a plunging bodice, another featured an elegant, off-the-shoulder look.

In 2022, expect the brand to broaden its reach with even more dresses that straddle sexy and sophistication. 

Interesting, unexpected fabrics

When many people think of Fashion Nova, they tend to imagine the most sensual outfits. What don’t they always remember? Distinctive fabrics and textures.

All last year, Fashion Nova delivered the unexpected by way of fabrics. From cobby denim to fake fur accents on style-leading tops, the brand’s team searches high and low for inspirational textures that please the company’s most loyal customers. From mosaic-like fabric for gowns, to tulle dresses with lots of layers, Fashion Nova’s eye for the unusual is stunning – and groundbreaking. 

Warm, cozy, short sweater dresses

Sweater dresses deliver the best of multiple worlds. Warmth. Comfort. A texture that feels fabulous against the skin. But Fashion Nova has made sweater dresses even more appealing, by making them shorter and sexier. From creamy oatmeal to warm orange as colors, these short sweater dresses were in high demand in 2021.

Another twist on the sweater dress was a knit, multi-color version, fusing warm pumpkin tones with off-white. This color-block style, which is making a resurgence after its wild popularity during the 70s, is now one of Fashion Nova’s signature looks. You’ll see more of this in 2022.

While no one can predict what an iconic fashion house is planning for the next year, let alone next season, Fashion Nova has consistently delivered styles that are both fascinating and comfortable. In 2022, look for refreshing twists on some of the biggest fashion hits of last year, as well as futuristic pieces. 

After all, the world has spoken— and they love them. 

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