Fender’s acoustic-electric hybrid guitars are specialized marvels, yet they’re expensive for up-and-coming musicians (formally $2,000) and moderately complex. Fortunately, there’s a fairly more available choice. The instrument brand has disclosed an Acoustic Player Telecaster with both a more reasonable $1,200 cost and a less difficult plan with a three-way voice selector (versus five on different models) and one mix knob.

In theory, this is more qualified to more youthful, more up to date artists who need two guitars in one — in any event, on the off chance that they can legitimize spending over a fantastic on new equipment.

The Fishman co-designed pickup assists you with exchanging among acoustic and electric modes, and the N4 pickup guarantees “noiseless” electric playing. You’ll observe an aggregate of six voicings you can play either by themselves or converged to make new sounds.

The Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is accessible worldwide in four recognizable guitar tones (black, white, butterscotch and a reviewed “Shadow Burst”).

There’s as yet a incentive to go overboard on the more costly guitars assuming you need more control, yet this may bode well in the event that you really want that $800 or without a doubt need something that saves space and time. This may be the best guitar if you really want to play electric in front of an audience, yet acoustic in your apartment.

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