Art, friends, food and fun. These are everything that can be found at the Final Friday Art Crawl.

The art crawl was first assembled in March 2018, with the purpose of giving giving students a reason to come to the art museum rather than just for a school project. The Final Friday Art Crawl is placed together on the last Friday of each month.

“It’s something that is used to unite all of the art organizations and businesses in Stillwater because there are a lot of great things going on that not many people know about,” Audrey Gleason, an employee at the Oklahoma State University museum of art, said. “When people are in conversation with each other, more collaborations and more things can happen.”

There were many different exhibits available to look at during the Art Crawl, including Marguerite Perret’s “Washed Up.”

“I love how it made a negative situation artistic – it’s saying that pollution is a bad thing but is also making something beautiful out of it,” Jacob Jackson said about the art in the “Washed Up” exhibit.

This display demonstrates the natural effects that people have presented on the marine life. It demonstrated the correlation between what may have washed aground 250 million years back and what is washing ashore today. This was the first of a three-section exhibition

“I love how it showed the sculptures that they used to be able to pull out of the ocean vs the pollution that they are pulling out of it now,” said Mikayla Fagan who was attending this event.

Gleason clarified that everybody is welcome at this occasion, and that you don’t need to be a artsy individual or know anything about art to come. It is allowed to stroll around to the better places that are included on the art crawl. It is a causal occasion and should be something fun that everybody can do.

“I think it’s really cool on how it brings everyone together,” said Rachele Cromer, another employee at the museum.

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