In a short time, you will experience one of the greatest joys in life: becoming parents! And you hesitate on the essential accessory for the young parent: the stroller. Today, the 3 in 1 version is popular. At the same time carrycot, pram, car seat and stroller, zoom on this small revolution with four wheels. The stroller will carry your child for several years, it must certainly comply with the standards, but also comfortable and practical. More than a simple object of life, the stroller has become very modern! The 3 in 1 strollers are the must!

The advantages of a 3 in 1 stroller

The 3 in 1 Jewish Baby stroller offers, as its name suggests, 3 objects in one:

A basket:

Practical, because it can be fixed on the four wheels to transform the stroller into a pram and take baby for a ride. The carrycot can be fixed in the car or detached in order to be autonomous and thus carry baby;

A car seat:

No need to invest in a car seat, just detach the seat from the stroller to secure it in the car! Much more practical than trying to fit it in the trunk, especially if you have a small car. A stroller of course, 3 in 1 strollers is also strollers! We can thus walk freely with baby! Choosing the right 3 in 1 stroller, 3 in 1 strollers are often acclaimed by parents for: practicality, space saving, strength. Some tips, however, to choose the right one

Watching the weight, the ideal is that it does not exceed 9 kg

Watch the ease of assembly disassembly of the elements. Don’t hesitate to try it in store. Evaluate the size of the stroller: make sure that you can easily store it in the trunk of the car and at home. And of course, the question of the price is essential: it goes from 400 to 1000 Euros. But of course you have to take into account the economy if you had to buy the separate parts.

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Jewish Baby Stroller: Safety First

Whether it is a classic or 3 in 1 stroller, do not forget the safety elements. Put on the harness to attach baby and check that it is solid, if it seems worn to you, it must be changed. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the age and weight from which you can use the various elements, etc. Do not hang a bag that is too bulky on the handle or the handlebars of the stroller to avoid tipping it backwards. Lock the wheels in a fixed position for driving.  Apply the brake properly when the stroller is stationary.  In public transport, do not leave baby in his stroller, he could be jostled or overturned in the event of sudden braking; Never leave a baby in their stroller unattended, even for a few minutes.

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