It is famously said that “Cooking resembles painting or composing a melody. Similarly, as there are just such countless quotes, there are just such countless flavours as well, and it’s the means by which you consolidate them that separates you.”

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul is a man of multitudes. He both contains them and is also contained by them. One of UAE’s best-known chefs, Chabchoul brings to you the taste of food from around the world especially Lebanon and is redefining fine dining, setting trends by rustling up innovative Middle-Eastern dishes that reflects his cutting-edge preparation as well as the influences of global cuisine on his style of cooking Emirati fares.

The main focus always remains on the quality of the food – and not how elaborate a dish might be. There are many chefs in Dubai working on a day-to-day basis on inventing new recipes. However, one of the chefs who should be considered for this great cause is Chef Mohamad Chabchoul, an experienced chef from Lebanon, currently based in UAE.

They always say, “you are what you eat,” and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our food intake reflects on our health and general well-being, and living a long and prosperous lifestyle can sometimes boil down to the things one eats.

“The cooking profession is not the same as any other profession,” Chabchoul said. “It’s a very delicate industry. Why is it delicate? It’s not necessarily an industry where you ask chefs where they graduated from. It’s a world where being street smart trumps being book smart, and there is a lot of value in a healthy business where employees can also organically learn and grow with the company.”

As a chef, an influencer, and a food connoisseur, Chabchoul is living a journey which is replete with many milestones.

A collector of culinary traditions from around the Middle-East, Chef Chabchoul has truly delved into the eating habits of people across different countries. Now, he has fingers on the pulse of the gourmets and knows what should be on their menu, whether they are relishing delicious Middle-Eastern fares or healthy vegetarian dishes.

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