Toward the beginning of a month ago, we spotted Google dealing with a Maps dark mode for Android. The Google Maps dark theme is presently starting to turn out for certain clients and it envelops the whole application.

When accessible, the Settings page will house another “Appearance” menu with three standard choices: Light theme, Dark theme, Default to gadget theme. Google noticed that the primary look can be set autonomous of the navigation mode.

Enabling the Google Maps dark theme beginnings with the search field and base bar taking a gray shade that is standard across first-party applications. There’s a white mouthpiece symbol up top, while a more pastel shade of blue is utilized to mean which tab you’re right now seeing.

Different buttons overlaid on head of the map, similar to the top search/filters carousel go round and different FABs, are a marginally darker shade of gray.

The background/base of the map has the most darkest shade, while roads utilize a lighter gray. Text is much more brighter and very legible, alongside the different pins and symbols. By and large, this is a decent dark theme for Google Maps.

The work expected to ensure seeing was not adversely affected apparently took some time, and isn’t only a shading reversal.

There are right now a small bunch of reports of clients on Android 10 and Android 11 accepting this new investigate the previous day. The two clients are running version 10.51.1 of Google Maps, yet this is a server-side update that is not yet broadly turned out on a few gadgets we checked at the beginning of today.

Ideally, this will be a wide dispatch and not only an A/B test for Google. Once completely accessible, it ought to likewise be accessible on iOS.

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