Black Country labour supply company Fortel is approaching a £150 million valuation as it grows under the guidance of owner Sat Nijjer.

Founded in 1998, the company, which is one of the largest suppliers of labour to the UK construction industry, is achieving persistent and impressive growth under its current owner, with more on the horizon as it expands and evolves.

For almost two decades, Fortel has gone above and beyond to offer the best services to contractors running some of the UK’s most crucial civil engineering projects.

A growing professional services team has underpinned this, dealing with customers and registering their cases to ensure projects run smoothly.

Fortel’s evolution began back in 1998, when it was founded by Shinda Nijjer after more than 20 years in the construction industry, where he originally started out as a labourer.

As the then owner and Chief Executive of the company, he led its early growth and development.

He became Chairman in 2009 and now divides his time between overseeing the business and running a Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the UK and India.

In the year 2012, John Pilkington joined Fortel as the vice chairman of the company. 

John’s experience in structural engineering and strategic sense brought about many changes for the better in Fortel, helping the company to grow.

He also started many public partnerships that led the company in a new direction, which it has continued to excel in to this day.

Sat Nijjer, the man who is currently leading Fortel towards the £150 million valuation mark, joined the team in 2005 as Operations Director.

His educational background includes a BSc in Computer Science and a career in investment banking with the US Company, Bear Stearns.

Sat Nijjer was already a significant shareholder in Fortel before becoming Chief Executive in 2012, so the traditions and value of the company are very familiar to him.

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