Fortnite’s new part has started and it carried with it an entirely different map. Fortnite’s upgraded island includes a few new areas, new climate impacts, and new weapons, yet it’s as yet a monstrous island Fortnite map, so it should in any case look natural.

The new island is tied near the season’s fight pass, which prominently includes Spider-Man. The appearance of Marvel’s web-slinger has motivated his own area on the new guide as well. Among the biggest Spider-Man references in Chapter 3 is the huge Daily Bugle place of business. There are additionally other new regions like Sanctuary which fills in as a base for The Seven — the mysterious association behind the absolute greatest occasions in the bigger Fortnite story.

Spider-Man additionally enlivened one of Fortnite Chapter 3’s new mechanics also: swinging. Players will actually want to swing from high places with Spider-Man’s notorious web-shooters beginning on Dec. 11. The new season will likewise be quick to acquaint sliding with Fortnite, yet that appears to be somewhat less Spider-Man roused.

Fortnite’s new island likewise got a natural overhaul over past maps with its climate impacts. The new guide incorporates rainstorms, lightning, and even tornadoes that can suck you in and toss you back out. Section 3 will likewise accompany a large group of new weapons, including a few attack rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

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