She is exquisite, she is really skilled and she is all set for share her numerous abilities with the world. She is Ellen Alexander – model, entertainer and music craftsman. Ellen was conceived in Russia and learned at Chekov Moscow Arts Theater School. Yet, she before long found that the world is her home and she moved to UK, and later on to the USA. Right now dwelling is LA. She made a superb and valiant debut in the music business during these upset occasions.

We’ve seen her “Shadows” video on YouTube and it is stunning, without a doubt. This was the point at which we chose it’s time we discover Ellen’s arrangement for what’s to come.

Someone asked her “Shadows was delivered during the Pandemic; this is a strong decision. Disclose to us more about what propelled you?”

Ellen Replied: “Why an intense decision? We’ve been dealing with the tune for a long while. “Shadows” is a collaboration, and I’ve been blessed to work with astounding and gifted individuals. I’ve decided to deliver it during this time as an update that even in difficult stretches, we can in any case appreciate the music, live our energy, and make.

About the wellspring of motivation, I figure we could state it was an old buddy of mine, Jeremy Renner. He was likewise making music at that point and acquainted me with the individuals that I am working with now. In any case, basically I needed to make something out of my energy, to impart it to the world.”

Someone asked: “what got you into music in any case? That is to say, you’re as of now displaying doing unscripted TV dramas, theater, Films… Why Music?

Ellen Replied: “I’ve been singing since I was five. Music wasn’t something that just sprung up in my life now; it was consistently there, since the time I was a young lady. My folks are the two researchers, working extended periods, so I have ton of afterschool exercise, and music was only one of them. I’ve additionally been in an ensemble for some time; it was an incredible encounter. After I moved to LA, I was currently marking with Warner Bros, however I had clinical issue and the arrangement failed to work out. I had a few issues with the vocal lines and the specialists suggested rest for like a half year. It’s a quite a while to quit singing.”

Someone Asked: “I realize you have been taking a shot at more than 200 tunes, is collection going along?”

Ellen Replied: “yeah, perhaps. Right now, I am working with an organization that is setting up my introduction on the Chinese market. You know, Alibaba, TikTok, it is a market worth investigating and with extraordinary potential. In the following not many months, I need to get ready five new melodies.”

Ellen’s new music video to her melody “Shadows” has as of late debuted and is accessible for everybody to appreciate on Youtube.

Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube: 

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