The song is a combination of superb different voices from Glashrs and his twin sister Cory De Mario, which their fans have come to expect of them. Glashrs possesses exceptional skill and has extensive experience in a wide range of musical genres, including hip-hop and R&B. Electronic Dance Music (E.D.M.) is a type of dance music produced electronically. One of his most notable works to date is “Falling,” He cooperated with an artist.When it comes to his work, Glashrs has no intention of giving up until he achieves his goals. He just dropped a new song called “Falling,” and it’s full of promise for the future.

Glashrs’ other singles

Glashrs’ other singles, “Crazy” and “Lightning,” are his best-selling albums. The future looks bright for him, and he is prepared to take on the music industry and show the world what he is capable of. He offered good music to his fans all across the world is immeasurable. Glashrs is currently working on a new tune, released soon. Cory DeMario, his twin sister, is also featured in the film. To discover more about Glashrs. 

Glashrs with GoodDay

GoodDay is a rising Producer/D.J. pair from Orlando, Florida, with many potentials. Good Day was recently made available. “HappySad” is the title of their debut E.P., which has five songs that range from joyous to melancholy in tone.

During the chilly December nights, he came up with the idea for this project. In the year 2020, the month of February. With a plethora of recollections.

Music enthusiasts worldwide will undoubtedly experience GoodDay sentiments and hard work emotions when listening to the album. They have invested in this project. 

A memorable track “Falling”

After only one hearing, “Falling” will become a memorable track that will keep listeners coming back for more. Nothing can stop Glashrs from taking this thing to the next level, and with the momentum he now has building, it is just a matter of time before something significant happens to him. It is essential to watch this promising young musician, as he has a bright future ahead of him.

Glashrs claimed that he is prepared to put in the effort necessary to achieve his objective of winning a Grammy Award or being nominated for a nomination for a top 100 Billboard song of the year. A new song named “Falling” is being developed by his twin sister, who are both in their twenties. He wrote this song on his own and claimed that it is one of his and his sister’s favourite songs to listen to.

In Glashrs’ words, “there was something about the content of the songs and the catchiness of Falling that made it feel so true to us.” His friends Chase & Liam from GoodDay Tunes, a well-known duo from Orlando, Florida, will be written by his friends. Despite their inexperience, these men are successful in pop, house, and E.D.M. genres.Check out their new track music on youtube. You may listen to him on Spotify.

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