Google has added 50 new augmented reality creatures to Search which can be either cute, or on account of the giant cat in the photograph over, somewhat disconcerting.

Obviously it’s conceivable that they locate the giant kitty menacing because they hate fun (or so they have been told), yet they don’t think they need that animal to welcome me, anyplace, ever, in AR or some other reality.

They do, in any case, need this red panda to play with a pumpkin in their dining area as long as she needs to.

In addition to the red panda and cat, there’s a giraffe, cow, zebra, pig, and hippo among the new animals you can welcome essentially into your home (or other space, however we’re all homebound at this moment).

Simply look for a creature on Google’s mobile application and tap “view in 3D” among the outcomes. Android Police has a very decent list of all the AR creatures they’ve found up until now.

At the point when Google began placing 3D creatures in Search a year ago it just had a couple of standard creatures accessible like a tiger, a lion, a wolf, and a dog. It added more animals in March, including alligators, ducks, and hedgehogs.

In August, Google made prehistoric animals and historical relics accessible in AR by means of its Arts and Culture application—and who among us wouldn’t very much want to look at the ancient crustacea Cambropachycope very close?

Need to admit subsequent to playing with the AR creatures in Search for somewhat (for the name of research, clearly), it’s a pretty fun component, and is probably going to be fun for youngsters stuck inside during — everything. Presently, off to watch their new pet red panda grapple with her pumpkin.

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