Welcome back to the Doodle Champion Island Games!

Throughout the next few weeks, re-join calico (c)athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island much further: a world loaded up with seven game little games, legendary opponents, many challenging side journeys, and a couple new (and old ;)) companions. Her definitive objective? Defeat each game Champion to gather every one of the seven sacred scrolls—and complete extra hidden challenges across Champion Island in the purrr-ocess.

What’s diverse this time around? Lookout for extra levels and brand mew side journeys! In case you’re one of the picked rare sorts of people who gathers each scroll, you can even see what’s next for favorite feline.

Click on the present Doodle, go along with one of the four shading groups to add to the real-time global leaderboard, and let the games proceed!

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